Hello my name is Michael Khamsot and I am the originator of Vixay Design.

​Vixay Design started with my first crowdfunding on Kickstarter. The initial project was the Road Bike Keychain Mini-tool. I had been inspired by the many great products made in the USA and wished I could make something cool here in Portland. Nothing came to mind at first, but as I was riding my road bike to work one day, something struck me. If only I could come up with something as cool as my green Surly Cross Check bike. Himm. How about an awesome keychain designed with the bicyclist in mind? Why not make one and share it on Kickstarter? So I went to work drawing what Imagined. After a time, the Road Bike Keychain Mini-tool sprang forth. With the help of family and friends I was able to produce the first prototype. And with the successful Kickstarter cammpaign that followed, I was able to product and share my novel keychain with folks everywhere. I've been able to put my keychain in shops all over Oregon! With the income I made from keychain sales I've been able to start my own company-


Vixay Design uses these simple guidelines.

1- Simple Design

2- Each design must incoroprate a tool or function

3- The product must be Oregon made

4- Any outsourced components must be made in the U.S.A

5- If the product cannot conform to #3 or #4, then it won't be made

Why go to so much trouble to get things made locally? Frankly, because of the pride and satisfaction that go with the philosophy of yes, we can still make great product in this country.

Personally I do not have anything against things being produced in other countries but I have faith in America and faith in its future.

Thank you,

Michael Khamsot, the nicest guy you ever want to meet!