The “Reuse-Recycle-Repurpose Letterpress Calendar” also known as “3R-Letterpress Calendar” for 2014.
The idea came to me when I was at my local print shop picking up an order. The printer, Tom, was just finishing die cutting corners on my Road Bike Keychain display hanger, when I heard a strange and rhythmic noise in the background. I’d never heard a sound like it before and was fascinated.
Tom told me I was hearing a letterpress machine. (The technology has been around since Gutenberg but fell largely into disuse because of modern innovations in printing.)He showed me a sample and how the machine worked. The letterpress relief printing technique interacts with paper to produce a look and texture that stands out from ordinary inkjet or laser printing.  I went home intrigued with the idea of how I might be able to use that historic machine in this day and age.  
​I considered what product I might create that could capture the essence of an era and also address a modern approach to living the green lifestyle. After considerable pondering, my “aha moment” arrived -  the 3R-Letterpress Calendar was born!I want to design a calendar that is simplicity in form and function.Each calendar page will be postcard sized on card stock, letterpressed to give it a texture you will never get from laser or inkjet printing. Turning a page over, you will see that the reverse has an actual postcard layout. It’s a small piece of artiness you can mail to friends or love ones, giving it a second life.  T​hey may choose to treasure it always or recycle it. A free stainless steel stand, that is as unique as the calendar itself, will be included with each calendar set. Polished and stone tumbled, the stand has a weathered industrial feel and look. A paragon of versatility, the stand has a precut pattern enabling it to be folded into the calendar stand or into a business card or note pad holder.  Plus it has a built in pen holder!