The Wall Mount Bottle Opener is not a new concept, but I've put a little spin of my own on it.

When I use to work in "NoPo", also known as North Portland, I discovered a place called The Rebuilding Center. It sells used building and remodeling materials that otherwise would be going to a landfill. I agree with their philosophy that we should be doing our best to keep trash out of the landfills. It was here that I was inspired to create my Reclaimed Wall Mount Bottle Opener.

Everybody loves to pope open a cold bottled beverage from time to time. It doesn't have to be any special occasion. You can always reach into the kitchen drawers for an ordinary opener, or perhaps you already own my Road Bike Keychain Mini-tool bottle opener. But what if you had a 

custom made one with a story of it's own to hang on the wall?

With my Reclaimed Wall Mount Bottle Opener, I naturally use reclaimed wood. Each piece is clean, cut, sanded around the corner, stained and clear coated. No refinishing is done to make the wood look new, but simply to preserve its characters for many years to come. No two pieces are alike but they do have one thing in common: they're locally made in Oregon!

Together, the wooden wall mount, with its metal opener, (which is made in Georgia), 

my Reclaimed Wall Mount Bottle Opener is 100% made in USA

thank you,

Michael Khamsot