The Road Bike Keychain Mini-tool was designed by a postman.  Just imagine the story you’ll be telling people when they ask where you got your Road Bike Keychain Mini-tool.

I want to say a very special thank you 

John Yannello,Greg Madden, Kevin Wrede, John Clark and Tee for their support and faith in myself and this project.

Thank you, 

 Michael Khamsot, the nicest guy you’d ever want to meet

The Road Bike Keychain Mini-tool is

made of stainless steel (grade 304)

3.374 by 2 inches!

​3/16 of an inch thick!

weight in at 1.7 oz!

 I was inspired by other Kickstarter products made in the USA and so yes, my road bike keychains will be 100% made in the USA, in Oregon, within 12 miles of where I live.

 I live in Beaverton, Oregon, a one hour bike ride to Portland where the keychain is going to be manufactured. Just a few blocks from the manufacturer is another shop that will do the polishing. The material supplier, the manufacturer and the polisher are all in the same neighborhood, the same neighborhood where I happen to work, at a post office. 

 My road bike keychain mini-tool -100% Made in Oregon and 100% Made in the USA!

Made In Oreon

The Road Bike Keychain Mini-Tool can be hooked on a belt loop and includes a bottle opener and a ¼” hex head fitting for driver bits.

The Road Bike Keychain Mini-Tool

  Hello, my name is Michael Khamsot and I want to talk to you about my road bike keychain. 

 This idea came to me when I started riding my road bike to work. Like most people, I keep my keys in a front pants pocket. After a few minutes of hard riding up a monster hill, those keys caused a fair amount of discomfort, and I still had a long way to go! I realized that I needed to find a solution. 

 I went on a mission to find a unique keychain, functional yet simple in design. Nothing really stood out as I shopped. Sure, I could have hooked a carabiner onto my belt loop, attached a key ring full of keys, maybe a bottle opener or other accessories like an Allen wrench keychain for the bike. But this Swiss Army Knife of a solution amounts to a lot of dead weight to carry around.

 My mission failed because I could not find that one keychain that combined simplicity of form and versatility of function. But after a lot of thinking and drawing and thinking and more drawing, a little drinking and more thinking and drawing, and after getting feedback from friends and family, the road bike keychain I sought was born.

Simplicity of form and function