The Oregon Bottle Opener Keychain idea came to me after my failed Kickstarter campaign, (which attempted to produce a Letterpress Calendar). The base of the base of the calendar utilized a thin sheet of metal with an outline the state of Oregon. I wondered, what if I created an Oregon-shaped metal keychain? I thought about what it could be like - small and industrial looking, incorporating some kind of tool to make it more than just a keychain. After doing a few rough stretches, voila!

The Oregon Bottle Opener Keychain is made of stainless steel that is machine stone tumbled and hand polished for a smooth finish yet it retains an industrial look. In the middle is a simple bottle opener and on the lower right corner is a 1/4" hex fitting to attach various bits. A tiny hole in the upper left corner represent Portland, where the keychain is made. The icing on the cake, so to speak, is the silhouette cutout of our beloved Mt. Hood, placed above

​the opener or you can just get the simple Oregon Bottle Opener.

Thank you,

​Michael Khamsot