The idea for the Oregon Cable Holder came to me after I replaced my older iPhone with a newer one. In the 

past, I was able to squeeze my phone charger cable in between my nightstand and teh wall to keep the cable 

from falling to the floor when not in use. However, the newer iPhone has a smaller"Lightning" connection, and its smaller charger cable head slipped. The cable head is so small that I couldn't lodge it in place like the old one.

I tried using my keychain to hold down the cable and that worked, that is until I needed my keys. I searched online

for a fix, but came up empty handed. Later, I was somewhat absently looking about my room while mulling over the problem over when I noticed something. It was a test sample of my metal Oregon - themed business card size bottle 

‚Äčopener. It then occurred to me, " What if I made a cable holder in the shape of the state of Oregon?" 

Thus, The Oregon Cable Holder was born! Cut from a single piece of stainless steel and hand polished to give it an industrial look, The Oregon Cable Holder is a sturdy solution. It is 1.4 lbs of Oregon love! At 3" by 2.5" by 3/4", it has a slot to secure any phone charger (or other ) cable, be it USB, Micro USB or the new Apple lightning version.

End the day where you have to bend over to pick your loose cable from the floor! And not to worry-to protect your furniture, the Oregon Cable Holder features a thin rubber pad on its underside, (made from recycled bicycle inner tube.)